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Minutes of the CPS Board meeting on 26 February 2013


Keir Starmer QC (Chair)
Peter Lewis
Alan Jenkins
Paul Staff
Jim Brisbane
Derek Manuel
Alison Porter
Jeremy Newman


Nick Hunt
Simon Jeal
Helen Smith
Anita Misra
Adrian Foster
Tara Stephenson (observing)
Samantha Magness (observing)




Veena King
Rachel Gough

Item 1: Note of Last Meeting and Matters Arising

1. The note of the last meeting was agreed.

Item 2: CJS Environmental Scanning

2. Nick Hunt presented the latest environmental update on the impact of changes to the CJS landscape covering CJS Reform, Policing and Victims and witnesses.

Item 3: Refocusing the CPS

3. Simon Jeal updated the Board on progress since the December meeting.

Item 4: Revised Corporate Risk Register

4. Anita Misra provided an update on the CPS risk management system and presented the revised Corporate Risk Register (CRR) to the Board.

Item 5: February 2013 Assurance Report

5. Veena King presented the February Assurance Report and invited the Board to consider performance and endorse the recommendations.

Item 6: Q3 Area Performance Review

6. Adrian Foster presented the Area performance report for Q3 2012/13, including analysis in respect of those Areas reporting to the Board this quarter.

Item 7: North East Q3 Performance Report

7. Wendy Williams (CCP) and Ian Brown (ABM) attended the Board to discuss their Q3 performance report.

Item 8: London Q3 Performance Report

8. Alison Saunders (CCP) and Jean Ashton (ABM) attended the Board to discuss their Q3 performance report.

Item 9: AOB


Strategy and Policy Directorate
Date of next meeting 26 March 2013