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Minutes of the CPS Board meeting 25 February 2014


Peter Lewis
Jim Brisbane
Paul Staff
Alison Porter
Alan Jenkins
Jeremy Newman
Derek Manuel


Jack Newby
Dave Cass
Jaswant Narwal
Julie Heron


Veena King
Rachel Gough

1. Apologies were noted from the DPP.

Item 1: Note of Last Meeting and Matters Arising

2. The note of the last meeting held on 17 December 2013 was agreed.

Item 2: Strategic Update

3. The Chief Executive provided an update on recent high profile casework.

Item 3: DPP Priorities

4. An overview was provided on work being taken forward under the DPP’s priorities.

Item 4: Departmental Improvement Plan

5. Jeremy Newman provided a summary of the session with Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood.

Item 5: 2014-14 CPS Business Plan

6. Jack Newby provided an overview of the 2014/15 Business Plan.

Item 6: Budget Allocation

7. Paul Staff presented the allocation of budgets for 2014/15 for Areas, Casework Divisions, HQ and Corporate to the Board.

Item 7: Q3 Assurance Report

8. Veena King presented the Q3 Assurance Report, the proposed management response to the HMCPSI thematic report on Assurance and Performance and the new cyber security corporate risk to the Board.

Item 8: Q3 Area Performance Review

9. Dave Cass advised the Board on Q3 Area performance.

Item 9: South East Q3 Report

10. Jaswant Narwal (CCP) and Julie Heron (ABM) presented a report on South East performance for Q3.

Item 10: AOB

11. The Non-executives requested an organogram of CCPs and ABMs.

Board Secretariat
Next meeting 21 March 2014