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Minutes of the CPS Board Meeting 24 September 2013


Keir Starmer (Chair)
Peter Lewis
Jim Brisbane
Alan Jenkins
Alison Porter
Derek Manuel


Alison Saunders
Simon Jeal
Dave Cass
Gregor McGill
Christina Manicom (Guest observer)


Veena King
Rachel Gough

Item 1: Note of Last Meeting and Matters Arising

1. The note of the last meeting held on 25 June 2013 was agreed.

Item 2: Director’s Update

2. The Director provided an update on the following:

  • New CPS Charging Standard in Benefit and Tax Fraud
  • Gender Abortion related cases
  • Hillsborough
  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  • Child Sexual Exploitation (CSA)
  • Victims’ Right to Review (VRR)
  • Home Affairs Select Committee
  • National Crime Agency (NCA)
  • MOJ Legal Aid Consultation

Item 3: Q1 Board Assurance Report

3. Veena King presented the Q1 report.

Item 4: Refocusing the CPS

4. Simon Jeal updated the Board with progress since the June meeting.

Item 5: Q1 Area Performance Review

5. Dave Cass presented the Q1 2013/14 Area Performance Review, including analysis of Areas reporting to the Board this quarter, and the COO provided an update on CPS South East performance.

Item 6: Organised Crime Division

6. Gregor McGill updated on current activity within the Organised Crime Division (OCD).

Item 7: AOB

7. The upcoming Joint CPS/HMCTS Board was discussed..

Board Directorate
Next meeting 26 November 2013