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Minutes of the CPS Board meeting on Wednesday 23 May 2012


Keir Starmer (Chair)
Peter Lewis
Mike Kennedy
Derek Manuel
Paul Staff
Doreen Langston
Alan Jenkins


Paul Jenkins
Alison Saunders
Jean Ashton
Adrian Foster
Helen Smith




Simon Jeal

Item 1: Note of last meeting

1. The Board agreed the note from the last meeting.

Item 2: Equality and Diversity in the Civil Service

2. Paul Jenkins, Treasury Solicitor, in his capacity as Equality and Diversity Champion spoke to the Board about the Equality and Diversity landscape.

Item 3: Area Performance Report

3. Adrian Foster introduced the Q4 outturn. Alison Saunders (CCP) and Jean Ashton (ABM) joined the Board to discuss their Performance Report.

Item 4: Financial Management

4. Helen Smith provided an update on the completion of the resource accounts and NAO certification audit.

5. The Board noted the priorities for 2012/13

Item 5: Risk

6. Helen Smith provided updates on the revised presentation of the Corporate Risk Register.

Item 6: Director’s Update

7. The Board was updated on a number of recent issues, including:

Charging announcements
  • Casework
  • DWP merger
  • External scrutiny
  • Public consultations
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • People strategy, and
  • CJS Landscape
  • Item 7: Q4 Scorecard

    8. Veena King and Keith Milburn presented the Q4 Scorecard paper.

    Item 8: Refocusing the CPS

    9. Peter Lewis invited the Board to consider the future direction of the Service along the lines set out in the paper.

    Item 9: Corporate Governance

    10. Derek Manuel and Simon Jeal invited the Board to consider the approach and timetable for this year’s governance review.

    Strategy and Policy Directorate
    Next meeting 26 July 2012. This will be the Board’s annual Planning Event.