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Minutes of the CPS Board meeting on 21 November 2012


Keir Starmer (Chair)
Peter Lewis
Alan Jenkins
Paul Staff
Mike Kennedy
Derek Manuel


Roger Coe-Salazar
Julie Heron




Simon Jeal
Rachel Gough

Item 1: Note of Last Meeting and Matters Arising

1. The note of the last meeting was agreed.

Item 2: Director’s update

2. The Director provided an update on the following:

  • International Association of Prosecutors Conference
  • CPS Visits
  • Police and Crime Commissioners
  • Home Affairs Select Committee
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Senior Managers Conference
  • Chief Operating Officer Post
  • Non-executive Directors
  • Jimmy Savile

3. The Chief Executive updated the Board on the CJS environment and the anticipated CJS Reform work.

Item 3: Refocusing the CPS

4. Simon Jeal updated the Board on current progress following on from the Senior Management Conference

Item 4: Board Assurance Report

5. Veena King presented the November Assurance Report.

Item 5: People Survey Results - Update

6. Mark Summerfield presented a verbal update on the survey highlight report for CPS.

Item 6: Area Performance Review: Q2

7. Adrian Foster presented the Area performance report for Q2 2012/13.

Item 7: Thames and Chiltern Q2 Performance Report

8. Baljit Ubhey (CCP) and Karen Sawitzki (ABM) attended the Board to discuss their performance report.

Item 8: A.O.B

9. The Board noted their thanks and appreciation to Mike Kennedy for his contribution to the organisation. He will be leaving the CPS in December after a distinguished career, latterly as the CPS’ first Chief Operating Officer.

Strategy and Policy Directorate
Date of next meeting 19 December 2012