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Violence Against Women Strategy and Action Plans

Annex D - Action Plans 2008-2011

The national overarching Violence against Women (VAW) action plan is set out below. This is organised under the PSA targets and demonstrates the links between the various individual strands of VAW. It will be expanded by themes in quarter one of 2008-09.

There are also eight strand-specific operational plans, which will be used for monitoring work across the individual strands. These cover the main VAW strands - domestic violence, forced marriage and honour crimes, female genital mutilation, rape and sexual offences, human trafficking, prostitution, crimes against the older person, pornography and child abuse. They were developed in conjunction with relevant lead officials in CPS Policy Directorate, Business Development Directorate (BDD) and Equality and Diversity Unit (EDU).These are available on request.

It is clear from the content of the strand-specific action plans that work to address each of the VAW strands will start at very different stages (for example, CPS work on honour-based violence and forced marriage is still in its infancy, whereas work on domestic violence has progressed significantly over the past five years). Consequently, whilst we accept that the work on each strand will progress at different rates, the desired outcome is for each strand to reach its own national targets by 2011.

All of the action plans run from 2008 until 2011, but they will be subject to continuous review. The 2008-09 plans will focus on the rationalisation and coordination of the VAW strands, alongside setting up systems to implement the strategy, such as the performance management system and systems to monitor victim, witness and stakeholder satisfaction.

In 2009-11 the strategy will be embedded into the core CPS business with implementation of the VAW guidance, training, reporting on VAW prosecution performance. Monitoring of victim safety and support and monitoring of victim and stakeholder satisfaction will also be undertaken.

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