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The Director's Guidance On Youth Conditional Cautions

Annex A: Guidance on the selection of appropriate conditions


To make good the loss sustained by the victim or community and to repair relationships:.

  • to pay compensation, or to make payment to an appropriate local charitable or community fund
  • to personally repair or make good the damage
  • to undertake unpaid work not exceeding 10 hours
  • to write a letter of apology
  • to participate in restorative justice mediation.


To stop or modify offending behaviour, or help reintegrate the offender into society:

  • not to commit further offences for a defined period of time
  • to attend a referral programme specifically related to the nature of the offending behaviour.


To punish where there are no other appropriate conditions or those conditions do not provide an appropriate and proportionate response to offending behaviour, specifically:

  • to pay a financial penalty

A restrictive condition may be included with any of the above where to do so would assist in the achievement of one of the above objectives provided it is appropriate and proportionate to the offending behaviour and subsists for a reasonable period of time, e.g. not to approach a named victim, or specified property, or geographical location or specified event or a curfew.

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