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Gwent Information Exchange Protocol

Appendix 2

Section 115 Crime and Disorder Act 1998

115. -

  1. Any person who, apart from this subsection, would not have power to disclose information-
    1. to a relevant authority; or
    2. to a person acting on behalf of such an authority,

    shall have power to do so in any case where the disclosure is necessary or expedient for the purposes of any provision of this Act.

  2. In subsection (1) above "relevant authority" means -
    1. the Chief Officer of Police for a police area in England and Wales;
    2. the Chief Constable of a police force maintained under the Police (Scotland) Act 1967;
    3. a Police Authority within the meaning given by section 101 (1) of the Police Act 1996;
    4. a Local Authority, that is to say -
      1. in relation to England, a County Council, a District Council, a London Borough Council or the Common Council of the City of London;
      2. in relation to Wales, a County Council or a County Borough Council;
      3. in relation to Scotland, a council constituted under section 2 of the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994;
    5. a probation committee in England and Wales;
    6. a Health Authority.

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Gwent Information Exchange Protocol