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Specialist Domestic Violence Court System Project Manager

This job description is to assist in identifying the tasks required of a project manager, irrespective of their agency base. It is envisaged that this could be part-time alongside the person's substantive post, but with allocated time for these tasks.

The Project manager is required to oversee the work of the specialist DV court system. The best agency or individual to undertake this role should be agreed through the court system steering group/project.

The Project Manager role is to:

  • To organise a strategic steering group consisting of partnership statutory and voluntary agencies to co-ordinate the work of the specialist DV court system;
  • To oversee the establishment of an operational group to monitor case progression;
  • To develop local protocols agreeing roles and responsibilities within the partnership;
  • To develop local protocols agreeing information sharing between agencies;
  • To organise systems for administration of both groups, e.g. regular minutes and follow up actions;
  • To organise monitoring systems across the specialist DV court system to track and evaluate cases.

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