Hate Crime Schools Projects

Hate crime is any criminal offence committed against a person or property that is motivated, or perceived to be motivated, by hostility or prejudice based upon the victim's:

  • race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality or national origins
  • religion or belief
  • gender or gender identity
  • sexual orientation
  • disability
  • age

Everyone has a right to live without fear and harassment and if an offender targets a victim because of how they look, their gender identity, sexuality or because of their beliefs, the law provides additional penalties. The CPS takes hate crime very seriously and has specific policies in place for each type of offending.

When prosecuting hate crime we will highlight the aggravating features both in our choice of charge and when presenting the case in court.

We also have a role in preventing hate crime and CPS North West has developed free resource packs for schools to help teachers explore issues about hate crime and bullying with young people.  We have worked with young people and with partners from the education, criminal justice and voluntary sectors to develop these resources.  Each pack contains a DVD with scenarios based on real-life incidents in which young people have experienced bullying or hate crime because of their identity.  They also include lesson plans with classroom activities which guide understanding and awareness of hate crime and support the national curriculum.

The resource packs are available for free download. You can find them on the separate Schools Projects webpages.