Woman Jailed For False Rape Allegation


A woman has today been sentenced to 3 years' imprisonment at Preston Crown Court for making a series of false allegations of rape against one man between 1/7/2010 and 6/5/2011.

Michelle Rossiter was charged with perverting the course of justice after admitting to the police that some of the allegations she had made to them previously were not genuine.

Mark Humpries, Deputy Head of the Crown Advocate Unit for CPS North West, said: "Michelle Rossiter made an allegation of rape to the police, accusing one man of sexually abusing her for almost a year. She had the opportunity over the coming months to withdraw the complaint, but instead she went a step further and produced false physical evidence to support her allegations. She eventually admitted to falsifying some of the claims during a further police video interview some months later.

"In the meantime an innocent man had been arrested, detained in police custody and questioned over an 11 hour period. He then had to endure the weight of allegations for a significant amount of time. 

"The Crown's case was that all of the allegations she had made were false. The jury, after carefully considering all the evidence at the trial, convicted her of perverting the course of justice.

"False allegations of rape have a devastating effect on those who have been wrongly accused, their family and friends and, potentially, their future lives. They also take up valuable police resources and have a detrimental effect on the public's confidence in genuine reports of rape and sexual offences.

"The CPS and police take all allegations of rape and sexual offences extremely seriously and hope that this case will not discourage anyone from coming forward with genuine complaints to the police in the future. We will support victims of such offences in every way possible throughout the process."