Woman from Workington stole pensioner's savings


Jacqueline Rigg, aged 49 from Workington, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison today (21st October) at Carlisle Crown Court for stealing the life savings of a 71 year old man, who she had befriended.

Jacqueline Rigg had previously known the victim through work, and after they met again she led him to believe she had genuine friendship and affection for him. Between January and July 2015, she persuaded the victim to lend her over £5,100, claiming that she needed to pay a number of bills and debts, and promised to pay it back. When the victim asked her on numerous occasions to repay the money she made a number of excuses as to why she could not repay the money. When the victim realised she was not going to repay the money he reported the incidents to the police. The prosecution case was that the defendant had stolen the money with no intention of paying it back. She pleaded guilty to five charges of theft on the day of the trial in August.

Pamela Fee, Senior Crown Prosecutor, CPS North West said: "Jacqueline Rigg led this 71 year old gentleman to believe that she had genuine affection for him, and through persuasion and intimidation she obtained a considerable amount of money from him which she promised to pay back. Despite his many requests for the money to be repaid she told him numerous lies and excuses and she obviously had no intention of repaying it.

"Jacqueline Rigg betrayed his trust and friendship by defrauding him of his life savings. She took advantage of his good will, causing him considerable hardship and distress. She has today received a jail sentence and must face the consequences of her dishonesty.

"The police and CPS take crimes against older people very seriously and we will do all we can to bring to justice those who dishonestly exploit the trust of older victims in order to steal from them in this way."



  • Jacqueline Rigg pleaded guilty to 4 counts of theft.
  • She was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment on all counts, to run concurrently.