Two guilty of causing death of Bradley Moore


A 16-year-old youth has been found guilty at Manchester Crown Court of manslaughter and a 44-year-old man has been found guilty of causing death by careless driving of 43-year-old Bradley Moore outside McDonald's in Ashton town centre on 27 July 2016.

Three other youth defendants pleaded guilty to affray at an earlier hearing.

As a result of the punch delivered by the youth, Bradley Moore fell into the road. A short time later Jonathan Carter, who was driving away from McDonald's, failed to see him in the road and ran over him, causing further serious injuries. Mr Moore had a cardiac arrest and died shortly afterwards in hospital.

David Harley, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West said: "This is a very unusual case whereby the two defendants independently contributed to the death of Bradley Moore.

"Mr Moore was confronted by the 16 year old boy along with three of his friends. They each threw numerous punches and kicks in his direction to taunt him before he managed to walk away. The 16 year old then struck him with one punch which caused him to fall into the road. The group left the scene leaving Mr Moore unconscious and at risk of further harm.

"Moments later Jonathan Carter, who was having a text argument with his partner, left McDonald's, got in his car and drove away. He failed to see Mr Moore lying prone in the road and drove over him, causing him catastrophic injuries.

"Today after carefully considering the evidence in this complex case, the jury have found them both guilty of causing Mr Moore's death.

"I sincerely hope that today's verdicts will bring Bradley's loved ones some sense of closure and that justice has been served.  My thoughts are very much with them at this time."