Three jailed for human trafficking


Three Hungarian nationals have today been sentenced to a total of 25 and a half years imprisonment at Manchester Crown Court for human trafficking, forced labour and controlling prostitution between 1st November 2015 and 26th February 2016.

Andras Lakatos, Jenone Orgona and Laszlo Petrovics pleaded guilty at earlier hearings to the offences which relate to three female victims aged between 19 and 24 years who are also from Hungary.

Karen Tonge, Senior Crown Prosecutor for the North West Complex Casework Unit said: "These vulnerable victims were deliberately targeted and exploited by Andras Lakatos, Jenone Orgona and Laszlo Petrovics.

"The women, who spoke little or no English, came from extremely poor areas of Hungary and were keen to work to financially support their families, but there was no work for them in their home towns. Andras Lakatos, Jenone Orgona convinced them that there were legitimate jobs waiting for them in the UK. They arranged for them to travel to the north of England in December 2015 to live with them with empty promises of a better life.

"The stark reality was that they had their identification documents taken from them were to be forced to work as prostitutes within hours of their arrival into the UK. One victim fled the house she had been taken to as soon as she learned her fate; whilst the other two were forced to work up to seven days a week as prostitutes with up to ten customers per day.

"They had all their money taken from them and were regularly threatened with violence. Lakatos convinced two of the women that he was in a romantic relationship with them in order to manipulate them into doing exactly as he wanted.

"When one of them managed to flee her captors, she was given an offer of a place of safety by Laszlo Petrovics, only to be forced straight back into prostitution. She was escorted to work on the streets of Cheetham Hill and Piccadilly and forced to provide sexual services for groups of men at car washes in the Greater Manchester area.

"The impact upon these victims cannot be underestimated. All three victims have shown immense courage in providing statements to the police after the most traumatic ordeal they have suffered at the hands of these sophisticated and dangerous criminals. They were degraded and dehumanised by the defendants, who were interested only in their own financial gain.

"All cases of human trafficking are extremely serious, complex and require sensitive handling. The CPS will continue to work with the police and our International partners to tackle this form of modern day slavery and bring those who are responsible to justice."

Individual sentences:

  • Andras Lakatos was sentenced to 13 years and 7 month imprisonment
  • Jenone Orgona was sentenced to 8 years and 5 months imprisonment
  • Laszlo Petrovics was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months imprisonment