Teenager jailed for Workington stranger rape


An 18 year old man has today been sentenced to 11 years imprisonment at Carlisle Crown Court for raping a woman in Workington on 15th July 2015. He was also made subject to an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Jack Walker approached a woman as she walked her dog at approximately 10pm, he forced her to the ground and raped her.  He was disturbed by passers-by and ran away but was arrested close by covered in the victim's blood.

Isla Chilton, Senior Crown Prosecutor, for the North West Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Unit said: "Jack Walker carried out a brutal attack on a complete stranger who was simply going about her own business walking her dog.

"He approached her and after saying a brief hello, grabbed hold of her hair, repeatedly punched her, forced her to the ground where he raped her.  Throughout this sustained attack he threatened to stab her to death if she did not comply.

"During this terrifying ordeal the victim put her blood onto the defendant's clothing in a desperate appeal to his conscience of how seriously he was injuring her. As a result of her doing this, the forensic evidence proving he committed the offence was unquestionable.  After initially denying the allegations, when faced with the overwhelming evidence against him, he was left with no other choice than to plead guilty.

"Jack Walker is clearly an extremely dangerous man who has today been taken off the streets for a significant length of time where he can no longer pose any harm to women.

"Rape and sexual offences have a huge physical and emotional impact on victims and their families. The Crown Prosecution and police will continue to work closely together to take sexual offenders off our streets and will support victims of such offences in every way possible throughout the process."