Remi Adams guilty of murder of Kieran McGrath


Remi Adams has today been found guilty of the murder of Kieran McGrath who was shot and killed in Ashton-under-Lyne in Manchester in October 2014. Anthony Henry, Jace Smith and Troy Beckford were also found guilty of murder at an earlier trial and were sentenced to life imprisonment at Liverpool Crown Court in June. Another defendant, Scott Chapman, was found not guilty.

Following the verdicts Karen Tonge, Senior Crown Prosecutor at CPS North West Complex Casework Unit said:"Anthony Henry orchestrated the shooting of Kieran McGrath because of their longstanding dispute but he recruited someone else to actually fire the shots and involve others in the planning. All of these offenders played an integral role in the murder in the full knowledge of the intended result. We have proved to the jury that Remi Adams pulled the trigger and Jace Smith was the driver of the motorbike. Both men were acting on the instructions of Anthony Henry, along with Troy Beckford who assisted and supported him in the plan to kill Kieran McGrath. This was a premeditated murder that was many months in the planning. They used a tracking device to follow Kieran McGrath's whereabouts in the weeks leading up to the shooting, ultimately leading them to the location of the murder.

"The Crown Prosecution Service has worked closely with our colleagues at Greater Manchester Police throughout this case. It has been a very lengthy and complex case involving a large amount of technical evidence. The defendants went to significant efforts to avoid detection. The evidence included many hours of CCTV along with technical data from the tracking device and an I-Pad, and voluminous data from mobile phones enabling the prosecution team to presented a strong, clear case to the jury. We have been able to prove that when Kieran McGrath was shot, the intention was to kill him. Each of the men convicted in these trials knew of that intention.

"We will continue to work closely with our colleagues at Greater Manchester Police in order to prosecute those involved in gun crime. I would like to thank the prosecution witnesses in this case and I would also like to express my sincere condolences to Kieran McGrath's family."

Kieran McGrath, 26, was shot in his car in the car park of the Sheldon Arms pub in Ashton on the evening of 4th October 2014. He managed to drive to Ashton police station about a mile away, where he collapsed on the pavement, fatally injured.

He had spent the evening in the Sheldon Arms with friends, left the pub at around 20 past 10, and got into the driver's seat of his Audi car. A man, now known to be Remi Adams, approached the car and fired at least four shots in his direction. Remi Adams had arrived at the pub as a pillion passenger on a motorbike driven by Jace Smith approximately half an hour before that.

Kieran McGrath had been involved in a long standing feud with Anthony Henry, who orchestrated and ordered the shooting. He had recruited Remi Adams as the gunman.  Anthony Henry also enlisted the help of his friends, Troy Beckford, who played a significant part in the arrangements. Bretony Gallimore, Anthony Henry's girlfriend, was found guilty of assisting Anthony Henry in the aftermath of the shooting.

A tracking device found on Kieran McGrath's car after the murder, had been used by the defendants to track his movements. That tracking device led them to his whereabouts on the night of the murder.