Man jailed for setting his dog on Muslims during Ramadan


A 32-year-old man has been sentenced to two and a half years' imprisonment at Manchester Crown Court for setting his dog on two people in Manchester City Centre on 25 June. He was also disqualified for keeping a dog indefinitely.

Just after 10:40am, Jakub Wendland set his crossbreed bull terrier on a man as he left a mosque close to Crowcroft Park. The dog bit him on the arm and Wendland then punched him once to the face.

A short time later, at 12.50pm, Wendland blocked the path of a woman near the Debenhams Metrolink Stop, repeatedly telling his dog to bite her because she was Muslim. Passers-by intervened preventing the dog from biting her.

Police officers detained Wendland outside the Metrolink on Corporation Street and arrested him for having a dog dangerously out of control in a public place. He reacted by spitting in their faces.

Kirsty Walls for the CPS said: "Jakub Wendland used his dog as a weapon as he carried out a series of unprovoked attacks in a busy city centre upon people he considered to be Muslims.

"He was heard repeatedly telling the dog to bite Muslims as they kill people. One person was injured, whilst another was placed in tremendous fear of being attacked by the dog. He then assaulted police officers by spitting at them as they arrested him.

"The Crown Prosecution Service takes all forms of hate crime very seriously, and presented the case to the court as a religious hate crime. The Judge concluded that the defendant and the offences he committed were racist and sentenced him to two and a half years' imprisonment."