Man jailed for 60 hour rooftop siege at Manchester prison


A 37 year old man has today been found guilty and sentenced to 9 years' imprisonment Manchester Crown Court of causing £250,000 of damage to HMP Manchester and affray during a 60 hour long roof top siege in September 2015.

Stuart Horner unclipped razor wire and climbed onto the four storey high roof where he smashed the roof panels. He threw broken objects down to the floor and threatened prison staff with a metal pole. The total cost of the incident including the damage to the building, additional prison costs and emergency services was up to £1M.

David Harley, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West said: "Stuart Horner, who is serving a life sentence for murder, took part in what can only be described as an expensive publicity stunt which has cost the tax payer hundreds of thousands of pounds. His actions drained the funds which may have been used to make any improvements he said he was campaigning for.

"Whilst he staged this dangerous protest on a wet roof about the conditions within the prison, he in effect made the conditions worse for his fellow inmates who could not receive food or exercise during this time. Prison officers from all over the country were brought in to help move them safely to other prisons.

"Emergency officers and vehicles were also deployed to the prison, putting at risk the lives of members of the public who may have genuinely required their services.

"The CPS and police take crimes committed within prisons extremely seriously as they undermine the fundamental principle of control and order which is necessary for the running of any prison. We will robustly prosecute those who flout the rules which guarantee their own, fellow prisoners and prison staff’s safety."

The sentence for affray and criminal damage are to run concurrently with his original sentence.