GMP PCSOs jailed for misconduct in a public office


Two PCSOs, previously employed by Greater Manchester Police, have today been sentenced to a total of almost three years imprisonment at Liverpool Crown Court for offences of misconduct in a public office.

Thomas Fendall and Jessica Hussell who implicated an innocent person in a serious criminal offence and accessed computer material without authorisation pleaded guilty at earlier hearings.

Brett Gerrity, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West said: "Thomas Fendall and Jessica Hussell, who were in a personal relationship, abused their positions within the police to access restricted material on the police computer system for their own use and to settle a personal grievance.

"Fendall used the police computer system to research background information on people both he and Hussell knew and shared information and documents with others.

"They provided Crimestoppers with bogus information leading to an innocent man being investigated by the police for attempted murder. They also supplied the DVLA with fictitious intelligence which lead to the same man having his driving licence revoked. He had to prove he was medically fit to drive before his licence could be reinstated two months later.

"Their actions had a profound effect on their victim and his family.  Not only was he arrested for an extremely serious offence he had not committed, he also lost his driving licence and his job. 

"In committing these offences, Fendall and Hussell have failed to live up to the high standard of conduct expected from police employees and have betrayed the trust placed in them by the public. Today as they begin their sentences they must now face up to the consequences of their actions."

Individual sentences:

  • Thomas Fendall was sentenced to 19 months imprisonment
  • Jessica Hussell was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment