Eleven convicted of killing 18-year-old in Moss Side


Eleven defendants from Manchester have been convicted of the homicide of 18-year-old Abdul Wahab Hafidah in Manchester's Moss Side in May 2016 after he strayed into an area said to be ‘territory' of a particular gang.

Abdul Wahab Hafidah was stabbed and beaten by the gang on a busy main road in rush hour in front of numerous witnesses.

Some of the gang were armed with weapons, including a knife and a hammer. They cornered their victim and then violently assaulted him as he tried to escape. Abdul was run over by a car driven by one of the defendants before he was stabbed, punched and kicked by the group until he was unconscious. He died in hospital two days later from his injuries.

After two trials seven defendants were found guilty of murder and three of manslaughter. One further defendant pleaded guilty to manslaughter. They will all be sentenced in September.

Alan Richardson, from the CPS, said:"This was a vicious and sustained attack on an 18-year-old man on a busy street in the middle of the rush hour. Abdul Wahab Hafidah was completely outnumbered by the defendants and had no possibility of defending himself. The defendants chased him as a pack, cornered him and then subjected him to an extremely violent assault.

"The evidence presented in court by the CPS included many hours of CCTV, over 20 eyewitness accounts and compelling DNA evidence. We were able to prove to the jury that these defendants were jointly involved in the violence that led to Abdul Wahab Hafidah's death. The convictions of 11 defendants for murder or manslaughter demonstrates the strength of the case that we brought against them.  

"Our thoughts remain with Abdul Wahab Hafidah's family and friends as they come to terms with their loss."


Alan Richardson is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in the CPS North West Complex Casework Unit.

Individual convictions:

Trial 1

Delroy Wright Guilty of Murder
Durrell Ford Guilty of Murder
William George Guilty of Manslaughter
Devonte Neish Guilty of Manslaughter
A 15-year-old boy Guilty of Manslaughter
Devonte Cantrill Guilty of Murder
Nathaniel Williams Guilty of Murder

Trial 2

Remekell Samuels Pleaded guilty to manslaughter
Reano Walters Guilty of murder
Trey Wilson Guilty of murder
Durrell Goodall Guilty of murder