Court of Appeal increase unduly lenient sentence of Keswick sex offender after CPS referral


Duncan Waterhouse has today had his term of imprisonment extended by four years by the Court of Appeal for sexually abusing four girls between 2009 and 2016.

He was sentenced to eight years imprisonment with a five year extended licence at Carlisle Crown Court on 20th April 2016.  The Crown Prosecution Service considered this sentence to be unduly lenient and referred the case to the Attorney General for consideration.  The case was heard today at the Court of Appeal before Lord Justice Gross, Mrs Justice Lang DBE and Sir Brian Keith who have increased his prison sentence by an additional 4 years, consecutive to the original sentence.

Isla Chilton, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West said: "The Crown Prosecution Service took a view that the sentence Duncan Waterhouse was given did not reflect the seriousness of the crimes he had committed or the risk to the public upon his release from prison.  I am grateful that the Attorney General and the Court of Appeal after careful consideration have agreed with this view and increased his sentence.

"Duncan Waterhouse carried out sexual abuse on impressionable girls over a significant period of time.

"The sexual abuse of young people strips away their innocence and their trust in adults who they should be able to look up to as future role models. It has long lasting impacts on their lives, not only at the time but well into their adult lives and could have significant effects on all their future relationships.

"The four victims have shown immense bravery in coming forward and taking a stand against their abuser, which resulted in Waterhouse pleading guilty to the offences he faced.  I sincerely hope that following today's sentence, they can begin to move on with their lives in the knowledge that justice has been served."

"We are committed to bringing those who have carried out such offences before the courts and will continue to work with the police and other agencies to support victims in every possible way throughout the process."