Court of Appeal extends sentence for violent Hartlepool man


A Hartlepool man who stabbed another man in the neck during a drunken brawl has had his sentence almost doubled at the Court of Appeal today.

Liam Rowbotham, 20, had been serving a four year sentence for wounding with intent and possession of an offensive weapon, in connection with an attack in Victoria Road, Hartlepool, in February of this year.

Prosecutors referred the matter to the office of the Attorney General as a potential Unduly Lenient Sentence (ULS). Following an appeal by the Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC MP, the Court of Appeal today quashed the original sentence and substituted it with a sentence of 7 years and 2 months imprisonment. 

Gerry Sydenham, Head of the Crown Court Unit at CPS North East said: "I felt that the original sentence did not adequately reflect the severity or violence of the attack.

"The evidence clearly showed that Rowbotham had used a large serrated knife to inflict a particularly vicious injury on his victim, one which narrowly missed severing the artery in his neck, and this did not appear to be reflected in the original sentence.

"Accordingly, we referred the matter to the Attorney General as an 'unduly lenient sentence' and we are pleased with the significant increase, which the Court of Appeal has imposed today."