Raymond Scott jailed for handling stolen Shakespeare Folio


Raymond Scott was today jailed for eight years for handling a rare copy of Shakespeare's First Folio, stolen from Durham University twelve years ago, and then removing the book from the country.

He was sentenced during a hearing at Newcastle Crown Court earlier today.

At a trial last month, Scott was found guilty of handling stolen goods and then taking them abroad. He was cleared of being responsible for the theft.

Chris Enzor, Durham Chief Crown Prosecutor said:

"Raymond Scott is a dishonest conman and serial thief who found himself in possession of a national treasure.

"Even after being caught with the folio, he continued to deny knowing that it was the copy stolen from Durham University twelve years ago.

"The virtually priceless folio was mutilated in a bid to remove anything that might identify it as the Durham copy. Pages were removed, along with the binding.

"The jail sentence imposed reflects the seriousness of his crime, handling a book recognised across the world as one of the most important literary works ever published and removing it from the UK with a view to selling it."