Racist Tweeter Sentenced


A man who racially abused sports broadcaster Stan Collymore using social networking site, Twitter, has today been sentenced to a two year Community Order with a requirement that he undertake 240 hours of unpaid work.

Joshua Cryer, 21, was arrested in January as the result of a Northumbria Police investigation into reported racist abuse. He was sentenced at Newcastle Magistrates Court today, after pleading guilty to a charge of sending a malicious communication.

CPS North East brought the successful prosecution against Cryer. Chief Crown Prosecutor, Wendy Williams, said: "The CPS understands the serious nature of racist crime and the real and lasting effects it can have, not just on individuals and their families, but also upon communities and society as a whole.

"In this case, Cryer repeatedly abused his victim over a number of days, boasting to others beforehand about what he intended to do. I would hope that todays sentence proves a sufficient deterrent to anyone foolish enough to consider engaging in similar activity."

CPS North East also issued a strong warning to others about the consequences of using social networking sites to make racist remarks.

"In recent months we have seen a number of similar cases in the North East, in which people have been racially abused through social networking sites.

"Ironically, the strongest evidence in each of these cases has been directly provided by the defendants themselves.  When a person makes such comments digitally, they effectively hand police and prosecutors much of the evidence needed to build a robust case against them."