PC Dougal guilty of death by dangerous driving


PC John Dougal was today found guilty of causing the death by dangerous driving of 16 year old Hayley Adamson.

Chris Enzor, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Durham, who prosecuted the case, said:

"Our thoughts are very much with Hayley Adamson's family at this very difficult time. They have acted with great dignity throughout this trial, which has gone into detail about the final moments leading up to Hayley's death.

"There were no winners in this case. Hayley lost her young life, she is lost to her family and friends, and PC Dougal must forever live with the consequences of his actions.

"The CPS was wholly right to prosecute this case given the excessively high speed at which PC Dougal was travelling through a residential area of Newcastle, failing to use his blue lights or siren, and leaving Hayley with absolutely no chance of getting out of his way.

"The expert evidence gathered from his vehicle showed that moments before the fatal collision he was driving at 94 miles an hour on a street with a speed limit of just 30 miles an hour. The jury supported our view that this was completely unacceptable."