Manslaughter sentence after sado-masochist sex death


A man who killed another man during a session of extreme sado-masochistic sex was given a fifteen year sentence at Newcastle Crown Court today.

Kirk Thompson, 46, was sentenced to a ten year custodial sentence with a five year extended period on licence after being found guilty after trial of the manslaughter of 43-year-old David Kochs. He was also given a twelve month custodial sentence, to be served concurrently, after being found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Thompson had earlier admitted an offence of possession of class A drugs, for which he received a 6 month custodial sentence, also to be served concurrently.

David Kochs died as a result of significant internal injuries, inflicted by Thompson after the pair met for sex in March of last year. The court also heard how Thompson had continued to inflict further severe injuries to David Kochs after the point at which he died.

Gerry Sydenham Senior District Crown Prosecutor CPS North East, said: "While the law protects the right of consenting adult males to participate in sexual activity, it is clear that a prosecution must be brought in instances such as this one where such activity has resulted in the loss of life.

"The prosecution case against Thompson was that there came a point during the course of that session when the victim would have been physically unable to consent to some of the extreme acts that Thompson was performing on him. Despite this, Thompson continued to inflict multiple serious injuries on David solely for his own sadistic gratification.

"Much of the evidence heard during the course of this case will have been undoubtedly distressing for David's family and friends, but I would sincerely hope that the sentence passed on Thompson today brings some measure of closure for them."