Durham dog breeder sentenced after dogs mauled man


A Durham dog breeder whose six American bulldogs attacked a man and his dog has been sentenced to three months imprisonment at Durham Crown Court today.

Stephen Potts, 49, of Low Pittington in Durham, was given the sentence after pleading guilty during his trial to six counts of being in charge of a dangerously out of control dog. The court ordered that the six dogs be destroyed and Mr Potts was also prohibited from owning any other American bulldog for life.

The court heard how Potts had been walking the six dogs on fields near his home in October last year, despite having lost an arm in an attack by two of his dogs only weeks earlier. Potts had allowed his dogs off the lead and they had all run towards another dog walker, before attacking him and his pet dog.

During the attack, the dog walker sustained multiple bites to his arms and legs, with a 3 inch bite taken from his scalp. His dog was also badly mauled during the attack, requiring over £1500 of veterinary treatment.

John Dilworth, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS North East, said: "Given the life-changing injuries he sustained during an attack by two American bull-dogs only weeks prior, it is astonishing that Mr Potts felt that he would be able to control six dogs of the same breed while still recovering.

"This must have been a genuinely terrifying experience for the victim and I would hope that this prosecution sends out a clear message to dog owners that with the ownership of such animals comes responsibility.

"Anyone who is unable to keep such dogs under control will be held accountable and prosecuted accordingly."