Colombian drug dealer was targetting North East streets


A South American cocaine dealer linked to an international drugs network has been sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Daladiev Gonzales JaramilloDaladiev Gonzalez Jaramillo from Colombia was snared during Operation Banjo targeting London-based dealers supplying the North East with high quality cocaine.

The Northumbria Police-led operation has already resulted in several high profile convictions, including that of George Youness, known in drugs circles as the Fixer, and Franco Pizzuti, a well known Tyneside chef and restaurateur.

Jaramillo, 33, was arrested after arranging two meetings with undercover officers, selling them a total of a kilo and half of high purity cocaine, while indicating that he was able to access significantly more.

Kingsley Hyland, Head of the Complex Casework Unit at CPS Northumbria, said: "Jaramillo was clearly more than just a drugs courier, but someone with links to individuals high up in this cartel bringing Class A drugs into the UK. The drugs he sold to the undercover officers were, as far as he knew, bound for the North East and the transactions were set up through his underworld contacts on Tyneside.

"Operation Banjo has netted some major players in this drugs network, ruthless individuals with access to high purity cocaine imported from South America. Our success in achieving a number of convictions, including that of Jaramillo, has undoubtedly disrupted this supply of drugs intended for Tynesides streets."

Operation Banjo ran between 2005 and 2007 and resulted in 21 people being charged.