Cao convicted of murdering two Chinese students


Guang Hui Cao was today convicted of the violent murder of two Chinese students at their home in Newcastle.

Guang Hui CaoThe bodies of Zhen Xing Yang, known as Kevin, and his girlfriend Xi Zhou, known as Ci Ci, were discovered in their flat in the city's Croydon Road last year.

Diane Spence, Crown Advocate with CPS Northumbria's Complex Casework Unit said:

"The murders of Kevin and Ci Ci shocked the country and attracted worldwide media coverage. The violence of the assaults and the apparently motiveless nature of them led to a wide ranging and extremely thorough investigation by Northumbria Police, generating a huge amount of forensics and technical evidence.

"The Crown Prosecution Service was involved at every stage in the investigation and the successful prosecution of Cao demonstrates the close working relationship and hard work of the officers and the CPS team.

"The investigation stretched as far as China and required the CPS to obtain approval from the Chinese Authorities for police officers to travel to and conduct enquiries within the Chinese Republic.

"The evidence against Cao has been very strong and his conviction is the only just outcome to the case. It is hoped that Kevin and Ci Ci's family members, who have been present throughout the trial, will take some comfort from knowing that their childrens murderer has been brought to justice."

Victims: Kevin and Ci Ci