Anne Darwin ordered to repay nearly £600,000 from husband's fake death


Anne Darwin, who faked her husband's death in a canoe accident to con insurance companies out of hundreds of thousands of pounds, will leave prison penniless and homeless.

Mrs Darwin, from Seaton Carew, has been ordered to payback nearly £600,000 or face a further two and a half years in jail. She is already serving a six and a half year sentence for the fraud.

Her husband John, who was jailed in 2008 for just over six years for his role in the scam, will pay only £1 because he has no realisable assets. Together the couple had planned a new life in Panama, even buying property there.

The successful Proceeds of Crime Hearing was led by Jolyon Perks, Crown Advocate for CPS Cleveland. Two life insurance companies and three pension funds will now be compensated.

Afterwards, Jolyon commented: "In making the confiscation orders today, the Court has recognised that both defendants sought to benefit from their criminal conduct at the expense and misery of others. Those funds will no longer be available to the defendants on their release from prison and Anne Darwin, who was responsible for their finances, will be required to ensure that all identified money and property, both here and in Panama, is given up to satisfy the order.

"A clear message has been sent out again today by the Crown Prosecution Service, the police and the court that criminals will not be allowed to keep hold of the proceeds of their crimes.

"In addition, and at the request of the CPS, the Court has ordered that assets recovered under confiscation will be applied first and foremost to compensate the losers in this fraud. The remainder of the funds recovered will be applied to maintain the on-going fight to remove assets from criminals."