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Statement in response to the HMCPSI Advocacy report


The Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, has welcomed a report from the HMCPSI into the way the Crown Prosecution Service handles advocacy and case presentation.

Mr Starmer said: "The report rightly highlights our commitment to quality advocacy and a number of areas where the CPS has improved this quality. These include the successful introduction of our Advocacy Quality Monitoring Scheme, and the continued success of our associate prosecutors in the Magistrates Court. We will build on these successes to improve quality advocacy at every level.

"Our increased use of in-house advocates has resulted in significant savings since 2006 and at the same time the overall quality of advocacy has remained high. The report has identified several areas that need further improvement and we will rise to the challenges set out and continue to improve the quality of both in-house and external advocacy in the criminal courts."