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Prosecuting International and Organised Crime

Drug trafficking, people trafficking, use of firearms, money laundering, internet crime, fraud, serious robbery and organised vehicle crime at home and internationally, are all dealt with by the International Justice and Organised Crime Division. A specialist team of experienced prosecutors, the International Justice and Organised Crime Division work closely with the police and international law enforcement agencies to bring criminals to justice.

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Cybercriminal "Sir King Cash" ordered to pay back over half a million pounds


Fraudster Sean Benson, who went by the screen name "Sir King Cash", has been ordered to pay back £554,000 by a judge at Southwark Crown Court. Benson now has three months in which to pay back the money or face a further five years in jail. All of the money will be paid back to the victims of the fraud.

Benson bought stolen bank card details from Russian hackers and used them to buy music from his own struggling online business over the course of a year.

He and his partner spent the money on a lavish lifestyle, including £40,000 on their wedding and a honeymoon in Hawaii. The two were found guilty of fraud and money laundering in July 2015 and Benson was given a 7 year prison sentence.

Anthony Hill, Specialist Prosecutor with the CPS International Justice and Organised Crime Division said: "Criminals need to understand that we do not stop at conviction. If you are a criminal trying to benefit financially from the misery of others, we will go after your ill-gotten gains and return it to the victims.

"It's important to cut off this flow of cash, not only so criminals don't benefit from their illegal activity, but also that their money may not be used to fund further crime."


Notes to Editors

  1. A Confiscation Order was made in the sum of £554,000. Benson has 3 months to pay and the default sentence for non-payment is 5 years imprisonment.
  2. A Deprivation Order was made in respect of 3 computers and a phone used to commit the crime.
  3. A Serious Crime Prevention Order was made for a period of 5 years from release from prison.
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