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CPS praised in Race Report


In its final legacy document, "A lot done, a lot to do: Our vision for an integrated Britain", a report on race equality in Britain, the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) found the CPS had made continued improvements.

The CPS was shown to have increased its proportion of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) staff, which the report remarked was "impressive".

In its recommendations the report said that given the excellent progress made, the new Commmission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR) should keep only a "watching brief" on the CPS's annual equalities report and other relevant publications.

This report is one of four independent objective verifications from third parties for the CPS. The other three are:

  1. The Cabinet Office Capability Review Report of the CPS published in June 2007 states:

    "Starting from a very low base in 2001, the CPS has transformed its approach to and performance on diversity issues. The CPS Equality and Diversity Unit and the CPS Equality and Diversity Strategy are recognised as innovative and leaders in their field in Whitehall.

    "Community groups praise the CPS for the work it has done to engage more effectively with historically under-represented, disadvantaged and excluded communities and with victims of hate crime.

    "The Director and Chief Executive have taken a personal leadership role on both the equalities and community engagement agendas." (Page 16)

    "The CPS has also achieved many significant successes. These included:

    • Playing a key role in delivering the Government's strategy to tackle domestic violence, including being selected by the Women's National Commission and Amnesty International UK as the best amongst all government organisations for its work to tackle Violence against Women in a 2006 report by the End Violence Against Women Campaign." (Page 12)
  2. Her Majesty's Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate Thematic Inspection on equality and diversity in employment, Equalities Driving Justice, published in November 2006 states:

    "There is a high degree of commitment to and clear leadership in equality and diversity at the most senior levels of the organisation. There was also a general consensus that leadership in this area has developed and become more focused and central to the business of the CPS in recent years." (Page 11)

    "The CPS Equality and Diversity Policy is clear and supported by a Strategy up to 2008, and relevant to business aims. The Service takes its responsibilities in the field of equality and diversity seriously, and has adopted a thorough and comprehensive approach to impact assessments of employment policies. It is well prepared for new and emerging legislation." (Page 17)

    "The CPS has made real progress in developing a more representative workforce in recent years particularly in relation to the proportion of BME staff which it employs, which is now higher than the Civil Service average and above that of other criminal justice agencies. The proportion of women at senior levels is also increasing." (Page 49)

    "Many new staff spontaneously mentioned that the approach to equality and diversity in the workplace adopted by the CPS was more comprehensive than that of their previous employers, including other Government departments." (Page 60)

  3. A letter from the CRE to CPS on our most recent equality in employment reporting states:

    "CPS Annual Equalities in Employment Report 2005-06 - the Report is comprehensive and a major achievement. It places the CPS at the forefront of good practice in the field of equalities in employment in general, and meeting the race equality duty in particular." (Letter from CRE to CPS, May 2007)