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Mark Royle found guilty of murdering Nellie Geraghty


Ian Rushton, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West, said: "Mark Royle killed Nellie Geraghty, a 79 year old lady, for no other reason but to steal whatever cash or valuables she was carrying at the time in order to fund his drug habit.

"Mrs Geraghty was still clutching the handle of her bag when she was found unconscious, evidence of how bravely she must have struggled to prevent her bag, and her husband's ashes, from being stolen. Mark Royle's actions were completely the opposite, cowardly and despicable. He deliberately targeted an elderly woman because she wouldn't be able to defend herself and used appalling violence to snatch her bag from her. That attack led to her death and today the jury have found him guilty of her murder.

"He must have known that she was seriously injured, but his only concern after attacking her was to use the cash that he had stolen to buy drugs. 

"This crime has had an enormous impact on the local community, and the concern of local people and their immediate response in coming together to try to find Nellie's handbag and her husband's ashes was tremendous.  I hope that the fact that Mark Royle has been convicted today of murder will bring Mrs Geraghty's family and the local community in Shaw a sense that justice has been done."