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CPS statement on Debbie Purdy


Keir Starmer QC, the Director of Public Prosecutions, said:

"This is a difficult and sensitive subject and a complex area of the law. However, I fully accept the judgement of the House of Lords.

"The CPS has great sympathy for the personal circumstances of Ms Purdy and her family. We will endeavour to produce an interim policy as quickly as possible which outlines the principal factors for and against prosecution. To that end, I have already set up a team to work through the summer with a view to producing an interim policy for prosecutors by the end of September.

"In the absence of a legislative framework, cases of this sensitive nature present a significant challenge for prosecutors. I have therefore decided that once our interim policy is published, we will undertake a public consultation exercise in order to take account of the full range of views on this subject. In the continuing absence of any legislative framework by then, I will publish my finalised policy in the Spring of 2010."