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The Role of The Crown Prosecution Service

The Crown Prosecution Service is the government department responsible for prosecuting criminal cases investigated by the police in England and Wales.

As the principal prosecuting authority in England and Wales, we are responsible for:

  • advising the police on cases for possible prosecution
  • reviewing cases submitted by the police
  • determining any charges in more serious or complex cases
  • preparing cases for court
  • presenting cases at court

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Damon Kelly handed Criminal Behaviour Order for 'hate' leaflets


A religious activist from Northamptonshire has been given a Criminal Behaviour Order preventing him from distributing leaflets about religious, sexual or reproductive topics to any residential, commercial or academic address and door-knocking to express his views for the next five years.

Damon Jonah Kelly, had been distributing leaflets dressed in a monk's robe in a variety of different locations including the East Midlands, Brighton, Cambridgeshire and the West Midlands since 2012. The leaflets expressed his views denouncing a number of groups and communities, including faiths different to his own, divorcees and people using assisted childbirth, but principally targeting the gay community.

Many people who read his leaflets were upset and offended by them, and reported his activities to the police. The leaflets were described by witnesses as 'vile', 'offensive' and 'upsetting'.

In October 2014, Kelly delivered a leaflet expressing his views about homosexuality to the home of a same-sex couple, who remonstrated with him about the leaflet and its content. He returned to the address two weeks later with a letter addressed to them, again expressing his views. He was arrested and charged with harassment without violence for targeting this couple. He pleaded guilty at Leicester Magistrates' Court in June.

He was today sentenced to a 12-month community order, requiring him to do 170 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay a £60 victim surcharge. The unpaid work was increased from 140 hours because his offending was homophobically aggravated and therefore treated as a hate crime. The Court also imposed a Criminal Behaviour Order, allowing Kelly to hold and express his views, but not so as to invade the privacy of others. Specifically, the order, which is in force for the next five years, prohibits him from:

  1. Distributing unsolicited material about religious, sexual or reproductive topics to any residential, commercial or academic address in England and Wales and;
  2. Calling at any residential premises in England and Wales, whether by doorbell, telephone, knocking or any other means , without prior permission of the occupier for the purposes of distributing unsolicited material as in condition 1.

Lisa Morris, Senior District Crown Prosecutor at CPS East Midlands said: "Damon Kelly has caused offence when distributing his leaflets. The right of free speech is extremely important in our society, but when this crosses the line into harassment, it is important that the public is protected. This Criminal Behaviour Order is necessary to balance Damon Kelly's right to free speech with the need to protect the public from such further conduct. It is important that communities are aware that he has been banned by the courts from these activities. Anyone who thinks they have seen Damon Kelly breaching this Criminal Behaviour Order should contact their local police force and report it."


Notes to Editors

  1. For media enquiries call the CPS Press Office on 020 3357 0906; Out of Hours Pager 07699 781 926
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  3. The CPS consists of 13 Areas in total, each headed by a Chief Crown Prosecutor (CCP). In addition, there are three national casework divisions: Specialist Fraud (formerly Central Fraud and Welfare, Rural & Health Divisions), Special Crime & Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime. CPS Direct is a 'virtual' 14th Area which provides charging decisions to all police forces and other investigators across England and Wales - it operates twenty-four hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  4. At 31 March 2015 we employed a workforce of approximately 5,895 staff (full time equivalent), including around 2,255 prosecutors and 3,288 caseworkers and administrators. Further information can be found on our website:
  5. The CPS, together with police representatives (formerly ACPO) and media representatives, has developed a Protocol for the release of prosecution material to the media. This sets out the type of prosecution material that will normally be released, or considered for release, together with the factors we will take into account when considering requests. Read the Protocol for the release of prosecution material to the media.