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CPS statement on Securitas robbery guilty pleas


At Woolwich Crown Court today (Monday, 28 September 2009), the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) accepted guilty pleas from Paul Allen who was charged with conspiracy to rob, conspiracy to kidnap and conspiracy to use firearms in the £53 million Securitas robbery.

Five other defendants, who were found guilty of the same charges in 2008, are currently serving the equivalent of 140 years' imprisonment. They will need to satisfy the authorities that they are fit for release and do not pose a threat to the community.

Roger Coe- Salazar, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS Kent said:

"The Securitas robbery was meticulously organised and we have never had any doubts that Paul Allen played a pivotal role in the planning and execution of it; acting as the lieutenant for his friend and the conspiracy's ringleader - Lee Murray.

"Paul Allen, whom we extradited from Morocco last year, claimed in his first trial that the prosecution could not prove his involvement in the robbery but faced with a retrial he has now admitted his guilt.

"Allen was prepared to plead guilty to all counts on the basis that he was not actually at the depot on the day of the robbery, but was intrinsically involved in the planning and execution both before and after the robbery. In accepting the pleas I took into account a raft of finely balanced factors but foremost in my mind was ensuring the judge would still have sufficient sentencing powers to reflect Allen's criminality and protect the public for a great many years.

"This conviction successfully brings to a close a main chapter in the Securitas robbery with the equivalent of 140 years of prison sentences being handed down so far.

"I stress however that this is not the end of the story. Working with Kent Police we intend to track down the remaining millions and bring any outstanding offenders to justice.

"We are also currently working in close co-operation with the Moroccan authorities in their judicial enquiry into Lee Murray."