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CPS Statement Regarding "Phone Hacking"


The Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, said today:

"I have no reason to consider that there was anything inappropriate in the prosecutions that were undertaken in this case.

"In the light of the fresh allegations that have been made, some preliminary enquiries have been undertaken and I have now ordered an urgent examination of the material that was supplied to the CPS by the police three years ago. I am taking this action to satisfy myself and assure the public that the appropriate actions were taken in relation to that material.

"Given the nature of the offences, the amount of material is of course extensive and complex, but it has all been located and a small team is now rapidly working through it. This process will need to be thorough, so it will necessarily take some time. I am only too aware of the need for urgency and I will issue a further statement as soon as this work has been completed. I anticipate being in a position to do so in coming days."