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CPS statement on Anthony Bamber


Sue Hemming, Head of the Crown Prosecution Service's Counter Terrorism Division said:

"This case was never about freedom of speech, but about allegedly threatening words in a leaflet. When we reviewed the file we decided the leaflets were threatening; and we believed there was sufficient evidence that they were distributed by Anthony Bamber with the intention of creating or stirring up religious hatred and the religion towards which that hatred was directed was Islam.

"Having satisfied ourselves that the evidence was there, we considered the public interest in bringing this prosecution. In the case of a racially or religiously aggravated crime, the public interest will almost always be in favour of prosecution where an offence was motivated by any form of discrimination, including religion or belief.

"I hope this case will reassure the public that we take complaints about this type of crime very seriously, and that it was necessary to let a jury decide."