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Statement on conviction of Commander Ali Dizaei for corruption


"The jury agreed today that Commander Ali Dizaei abused his position as a senior police officer when he threatened and arrested an innocent man with whom he had a personal dispute. Mr Dizaei had no proper reason for making this arrest and there was no real evidence that this young man had committed any crime on that day. Mr Dizaei's corruption, which would be deplorable in any police officer, was all the more so given his position as a highly ranked Police Commander.

"The public entrust the police with considerable powers and with that comes considerable responsibility. Mr Dizaei abused that power and ignored that responsibility.

"The public should have confidence that we will prosecute anyone, regardless of their position, where there is evidence that they've committed serious offences of corruption.

"The Crown Prosecution Service would like to thank the jury for the careful way in which they followed the evidence. We believe that justice has been served for the victim and for the public in this case.

"We would also like to thank the IPCC for their thorough investigation and the victim, who showed a great deal of courage in giving his evidence."