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Brothers sentenced for fundraising for acts of terrorism


Deb Walsh, Deputy Head of the CPS Counter-Terrorism Division, said: "Mohammed Shabir Ali and Mohammed Shafik Ali have today been convicted and sentenced for raising funds for their elder brother's terrorist activities in Somalia.

"The court heard how the twins were found in possession of a document titled '44 Ways to Support Jihad' and raised approximately £3,000 in support of their brother's suspected training and insurgency fighting in Somalia. They sought instructions on how best to approach potential donors.

"This was a case that demonstrates the network of international support that funds acts of terrorism and in turn seeks to threaten lives. The Ali brothers now face three years in prison for their criminal acts."

Background Information

Shabaaz Hussain was arrested at the same time as Shabir and Shafik Ali and was subsequently charged. He pleaded guilty to seven counts of funding contrary to section 15 of the Terrorism Act 2000 and was sentenced on 9 March 2012 to 5 years and 3 months imprisonment. This funding was in relation to the men in Somalia.