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The legal restrictions placed on the use of controlled drugs are aimed at preventing drug abuse. The principal offences relating to the misuse of controlled drugs are contained in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971

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Sheffield drug dealers jailed for over 60 years


Five men convicted of conspiracy to supply heroin at Sheffield Crown Court last week have been sentenced to over sixty years in prison.

Asif Younas, Bakish Khan, Niaz Khan, Sajid Rasul and Ilyas Hanif were charged following the arrest of Ilyas Hanif in August last year as he drove back to Sheffield from Luton, having collected from Rasul six kilograms of heroin, with an estimated street value of £330,000.

Mobile phone records and surveillance evidence showed that the five men had been in regular phone contact for several days before the pick up in Luton on 31 August and Rasul had met Niaz Khan, Younas and Bakish Khan in Sheffield the day before the transaction.

Andrew Penhale, Crown Prosecutor from CPS Organised Crime Division said: "The heroin from this deal was obviously destined for the streets of Sheffield. By putting these men behind bars, SOCA and the CPS have removed a substantial source of heroin supply in Sheffield. We were able to put very powerful mobile phone and surveillance evidence to the defendants and present that to the jury, which resulted in all of them being convicted."

The court also heard that Asif Younas, Bakish Khan and Niaz Khan were involved in the supply of heroin in Sheffield on a 'wholesale' basis, dealing in kilograms of the drug and generating thousands of pounds of illicit income. They recruited Ilyas Hanif, a local taxi driver as their courier to pick up the heroin from Rasul, who dealt in bulk quantities of the drug.

Officers from the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) stopped Hanif's car on the M1 and seized the heroin stashed in twelve parcels in a rucksack in the boot. The jury were shown evidence of increasingly desperate calls as Rasul tried to contact Hanif, unaware that he'd been arrested. Rasul was arrested later that day and the remaining conspirators were arrested in October and November.

Sajid Rasul, Niaz Khan and Asif Younas pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply at an earlier hearing. Ilyas Hanif and Bakish Khan were found guilty following last week's trial.

There will be further court hearings to hear applications to confiscate their criminal assets.

This is believed to the first case to be concluded at court which was investigated from the beginning by the SOCA (set up in April last year) and prosecuted by the CPS Organised Crime Division.

The case was prosecuted at court by Paul Mitchell, a CPS in-house Senior Crown Advocate. He is one of a team of lawyers with experience of prosecuting organised crime recruited from the Bar last year to work in the CPS Organised Crime Division.

  1. Media enquiries to CPS Press Office on 020 7710 6091.
  2. The defendants were sentenced as follows:
    Sajid Mohammed Rasul - 8 years
    Ilyas Hanif - 8 years
    Asif Iqbal Younas - 15 years
    Bakish Alla Khan - 17 years. He was also sentenced to a further 2 years 5 months as he was on licence for a previous drug trafficking conviction at the time of this offence.
    Niaz Khan - 10 years