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CPS Proceeds of Crime

When the trial is over and the offender convicted, specialist lawyers in Crown Prosecution Service Proceeds of Crime (CPSPOC) - along with other criminal justice agencies - go after any ill-gotten gains.

CPSPOC has three main offices around the country and plays a key role in recovering millions of pounds each year.

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Proceeds of Crime is a CPS priority


The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 is a comprehensive piece of legislation with a range of powers that can help to contribute to disrupting and dismantling criminal enterprises.

It includes powers to remove assets through confiscation action taken after criminal prosecutions, and powers for civil recovery and taxation of unlawfully obtained assets.

The powers are applicable to all levels of criminality – with the ability to hit major criminals as well as locally based individuals.

A network of Proceeds of Crime Area Champions has been formed. There are at least two lawyers and caseworkers in each of The CPS’s 42 areas in England and Wales.