Woman jailed for tricking her female friend into having sex using a false penis


A 25 year old woman who tricked her female friend into having sex using a fake penis has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

Chester Crown Court heard that Gayle Newland formed a relationship with the victim on Facebook. Newland was posing online as a man, called "Kye Fortune".

The online relationship developed but 'Kye'  made various excuses about why he couldn't meet the victim in person.

'He' suggested that the victim should meet one of his female friends as he thought they would get on together. This friend turned out to be Newland herself.

So Newland's online alter-ego 'Kye' had arranged a face to face meeting with her real self. The two women became friends.

At the same time, Newland continued the online friendship of her alter ago Kye with the victim and the two began to talk over the phone.

Kye told the victim that he had a high pitched voice because he was half Philippine and half Asian. He also admitted that his voice was similar to Newland's but said this was because they had been friends since childhood.

Eventually Kye agreed to meet the victim in person but insisted she must wear a blindfold whenever they met.

The court heard that, as the relationship developed, the two had sex on several occasions. To do this, Newland, of Hooton Road in Willaston, Neston, wore a prosthetic penis, which was strapped onto her body from a harness worn around her waist.

Because the victim was blindfolded at each meeting, she didn't know she was having sex with a woman, so had not given her consent. This made the act an assault.

The victim never suspected that her friend Gayle and boyfriend Kye were the same person, until she ripped off her blindfold during sex in June 2013.

She saw her friend Gayle, dressed in a bizarre costume with a false penis strapped to her waist.  She later told Police: "Even though it was Gayle, it wasn't Gayle and it wasn't Kye, I just didn't know who this person was; this person was just a stranger to me, who had just had sex with me."

Newland was found guilty after a trial of three counts of sexual assault by penetration and on Thursday 12 November 2015 was sentenced to eight years in prison by Judge Roger Dutton, who described Newland as "an intelligent, obsessional, highly manipulative, deceitful, scheming and thoroughly determined young woman".

District Crown Prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service, Karen Morgan-Read, said: "The victim in this case was devastated by the bizarre and deceitful, actions of Newland.

"In one awful revelation, she discovered that her female friend Gayle and her boyfriend Kye were one and the same person and that she had been terribly deceived.

"Newland is obviously a complex and ruthless character who has always insisted that her victim knew that "Kye" was a woman. This meant the victim had to go through a trial to get to the truth.

"The jury decided that the victim did not know she was having sex with a woman and was indeed the subject of a number of sexual assaults. Newland now has a substantial jail term to reflect on what she has done."