What is being done to prosecute abusive partners?


Jonathan Egan, from Mersey-Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service, said Merseyside has one of the best conviction rates in the country for domestic violence.

He said: "The Crown Prosecution Service is committed to bringing those responsible for domestic violence to justice and to building strong cases from the very beginning so that often the defendant pleads guilty and the victim doesn't have to go through a trial.

"Merseyside has one of the best conviction rates in the country, with 2373 of the cases we prosecuted last year resulting in a conviction, that's 77%.

"Last year, we prosecuted 3076 cases of domestic abuse on Merseyside, this was up by 696 on the previous year.

"Lisa Gordon is to be praised for having the courage to speak out against her abusers and for helping people to understand what its like to be in an abusive relationship.

"So many victims blame themselves or worry about not being believed if they go to the authorities or think that a prosecution might make them an even greater target.

"When we take up a prosecution, we are saying to the victim that we believe them and that we will help and support them to have the courage to see this through.

"We try and support the victim throughout the process and there are several measures that are available to the victim to help them give the best evidence they can.

"They can give evidence via a TV link from a room other than the court room or can have screens so that they can't see the defendant when they give evidence and the defendant can't see them.

"Merseyside also has a specialist domestic violence court where prosecutors and the police work alongside other agencies to make sure these cases are handled as efficiently and effectively as possible.

"No-one deserves to live in fear and, we, the police and the courts are here to make sure they don't have to."

Read the full article in the Liverpool Echo from which this quote was taken