Train guard sentenced to five yesrs


A train guard has been sentenced to five years imprisonment for the manslaughter of a teenage girl who was run over by the train on which he was working and on which she had been travelling.

The court was told that Christopher McGee, 45, from Wallasey, failed in his duty of care to passenger Georgia Varley, 16, from Moreton, Wirral, by giving the signal to start the train when Georgia was leaning on a window talking to her friends and by failing to give the instruction to stop before she fell.

Georgia was travelling to Liverpool with a group of friends all of whom had previously attended an 18th birthday party at a house on Wirral. It was the prosecution case that it was obvious to Mr McGee that Georgia was drunk and therefore particularly vulnerable to accident or injury.

Georgia mistakenly left the train at James Street station while her friends stayed on board. While she was standing on the platform leaning against the train, her hands on the window and talking to her friends, the guard gave the signal to the driver to start the train. The movement of the train caused Georgia to fall between the train and the platform.

Georgia suffered fatal injuries and died at the scene.

Crown Advocate, Helen Morris, from CPS Mersey-Cheshire said: "This was a tragic case. The prosecution was based on the fact that the defendant had a duty, by reason of his function as train guard, to look after Georgia and that he breached that duty of care by starting the train when she was in a position of danger

"Mr McGee, a trained guard with 20 years experience, would have known that the movement of the train would put Georgia at risk of injury and even death. Nevertheless he gave the instruction to start the train with terrible consequences."


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