Tough sentences for people who persistently carry knives


The new sentencing guidelines on knife crime have been used against a 38 year old St Helens man who was found guilty of two consecutive offences.

The new guidelines, which were introduced in July this year, state that there should be a minimum sentence of 6 months in prison for a person found guilty of a second offence of carrying a knife.

Gary Catterall, of Wasdale Avenue in St Helens, was due before the towns magistrates on September 1 to be sentenced for carrying a knife, following an incident in April.

He had pleaded Not Guilty to that offence but didnt turn up for his trial. However, on 24 August he was arrested for another knife offence and carrying crack cocaine.

He appeared before the town magistrates on the 25 August and was sentenced for both offences. He was given 21 weeks in prison, which included a 20 per cent sentence discount for pleading guilty.

Associate Prosecutor Andrew Page said: "This is very new legislation which should send out a message that there will be no lenient sentences for knife crime.

"People who persistently carry knives in public can expect immediate custodial sentences."