Sentencing of Leslie Gadsby


CPS statement following the sentencing of Leslie Gadsby who pleaded guilty to manslaugher on the grounds of diminished responsibility of his mother Edna.

Helen Morris, Crown Advocate for Merseyside CPS, said:  "Following the tragic death of Edna Gadsby on 30th March 2010, I was assigned as the lead prosecutor on the case.
"Based on the available evidence and applying the Code for Crown Prosecutors I decided that there was a realistic prospect of securing a conviction on a charge of murder. Leslie Gadsby was therefore charged with the murder of his mother Edna.
"I have a duty to keep cases under review and as the case progressed, psychiatric reports were prepared on behalf of both the prosecution and defence.
"The experts preparing these reports, having access to all the evidence and to the defendant's medical records, ultimately concluded that Leslie Gadsby was suffering from an abnormality of the mind that substantially impaired his mental responsibility for his acts at the time he killed his mother.
"Taking account of the weight of medical opinion as to the defendant's mental condition the Crown accepted the defendant's plea to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.
"I have met with Edna's family to explain the reason for our decision to accept this plea."


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