Sentencing of Anthony Parton for historic sexual abuse


Alison Mutch, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor with Mersey-Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service, said: ÔÇťAnthony Parton abused this woman for several years, from when she was aged 8 until she was 12.

"Parton committed a series of extremely serious sexual offences on what was a very young girl, with no thought for her feelings at all or the impact it was having on her.


"She may not have fully understood what was happening but she knew it was wrong and felt powerless to do anything about it.


"I would like to thank her for her bravery in finally coming forward to tell the authorities what she had endured as a child.


"Parton has finally been brought to justice and is now serving eight years in prison after pleading guilty to fourteen offences including attempted rape and indecent assault.


"The Crown Prosecution Service treats allegations of sexual abuse very seriously, no matter how long ago the offences took place, and we hope that this conviction and others like it give victims the courage to come forward and seek justice."


Mersey-Cheshire Crown Prosecution runs two dedicated Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Units, where specialist prosecutors work alongside the police.