Rapist jailed for 13 years


A rapist who wrote himself a fake email and pretended it was from the victim in a bid to avoid prosecution has been sentenced to 13 years in prison at Warrington Crown Court.

Christopher Andrews, 40, from Ludlow, Shropshire, raped the women in a guesthouse in Chester where the pair were staying after working the city for the day.

Andrews and the victim, who prior to the incident were long-term friends, ended up sharing the same twin room when the room she was in was too noisy to sleep in.

She awoke during the night to find Andrews raping her. She kicked him off and, after collecting her belongs, drove home and reported the incident to the police.

During the investigation Andrews, who denied any sexual contact with the woman despite forensic evidence to the contrary, faked an email pretending it was from her. The email included the lines: 'Like I told you the other day you shouldn't be so trusting, they always believe the woman...I know the only way to get you out of the way is to do this'.

It ended with the lines: 'thanks for your help in the past with everything, could not have played it better if I tried. Oh and don't show this to anybody.'

Andrews' computer was seized by Cheshire Police and expert examination showed that this email had not been sent to him from the victim's account. This examination also showed that Andrews had searched for rape-themed websites both before and after the date of the incident.

Senior Crown Prosecutor, Leigh-Ann Wardman, from CPS Mersey-Cheshire, said: "Andrews took advantage of a friend in the worst way. He then tried to convince investigators that he was the victim by writing an email, pretending it had been sent from victim which suggested that she had set him up. He presented a paper copy of this email to the police. Cheshire Police investigators soon proved this to be untrue and coupled with the forensic evidence provided proof of his guilt."

Andrews pleaded guilty to rape and perverting the course of justice. He has been sentenced to a total of 13 years imprisonment.


For more information contact Sharon King, Area Communications Manager, CPS Mersey-Cheshire, on 0151 239 6465 or 07717 618804.